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Cybertron Robotics Inc. We Make Only The Very Best Androids Our Products About Us For Amusement Only - Copyright 2012, R. B. Chandler History of Androids Our Products Customer Service Link Exchange Yours for Ours Contact Us FAQs A line up of all our android models currently in production. From the newest upgraded version of our ever popular April General Service Android to the new heavy duty June model... Cybertron Robotics Corporation like so many other robotics company's that sprang up after the invention of the A.I. chip... The history of androids is actually a history of robotics or rather one aspect of robotics. It is a kind of quest to create a machine... Sally Ann General Service Sara General Service June General Service April General Service Angel 1 Companionship Angel 2 Companionship Promotional Apparel & Oter Stuff
Height: 5 ft. 5 in.  Weight: 243 lb.  Power Source: 2 Hydrogen Fuel Cells  Lift Capacity: 583 lbs./arm 1017 lbs./leg   Normal Operation: 0 lbs./min. 1200 lbs./max.  Emergency Operation: 0 lbs./min. 2000 lbs./max.